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Color Your Curves This Summer

Do you love summer? Well if you do, then we have yet another thing in common! Hot colors seen walking down the runway in Paris, Milan, London, and New York: green, orange, red, purple, pink and a constant classic: black. So, let's scorch up the temperature this summer when we color our curves! Here's what should be embracing your curves this summer... [slideshow] Dress 01: Fun, flirty, colorful, complementing sleeveless dress. Can be easily dressed down with flip flops or dressed up with heels. Stretchy material pieced with blue, green, and purple lace one side of the mid thigh down to the hem. Designed in Paris by Femmes Je Vous translated: I Am Woman.

Dress 02: All black with white, purple, pink and a touch of green at the midriff this dress outlines your waist while camouflaging your hips. The stay in place zipper gives it a unique finale, but upon second glance you see that it is not over yet- a boost of colors have been thrown in for the purpose of making you stare at it all over again. Part of Double Jeu line, playful in English.

Dress 03: Stretchy, but tight in all the right places. Rainbow colors take over the inner lining of this hooded dress as well as the lined design over the pockets and the four buttons coming down the center. I love this dress  for pear shapes because it concentrates on everything above and including the midriff, while concealing and complementing the hips and rump. A piece from Dzhavael Couture.

Dress 04: An all over print garment with shades of cafe au lait and black. The midsection is highlighted with the lighter shade of coffee.  At knee length this jazzy number sings sexy through the longer flared out sides that create a taller torso and a lengthened leg look. The wide "v" neck exposes cleavage as well as a tid bit of shoulders and the peep hole on the upper back gives it a sexy allure. Desigual, a Spanish collection.

Dress 01: Femmes Je Vous Paris (US Sizes: 10-14)


Dress 02: Double Jeu (US Sizes: 8-12)

Dress 03: Dzhavael Couture (US Sizes: 8-14)

Dress 04: Desigual Front (US Sizes: 8-14)

Dress 04: Desigual Back (US Sizes: 8-14)

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