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Repulsive Rag of the Day: Lane Bryant Striped Dress

Lane Bryant Striped Rag Dress (Sizes 14-28)

Bland multi-colored long dress with horizontal stripes from top to bottom. Here is why I consider this dress utterly nasty for the curvy shape:1- The boxed sleeveless top is all elastic like you would find on a child's dress. What will happen to the provocative points? They will be squeezed, pushed down flat taking away any curvy alluring shape from the non-existent cleavage. To top that off, it is tied behind the neck, which means no real support whatsoever.2- The entire dress is tube-like with unflattering shades and horizontal stripes. A fundamental error in design for plus size fashion: horizontal stripes enlarge and bulk up everything from midriff to hips to rump.3- The material is just blah, taking away from the young, fun look we all so crave!4- At the midpoint, the dress has slight ruffles running to the bottom. Why the drastic change in design? Why at that particular place- the middle? In my opinion that creates an illusion of the waist line being bigger than it really is, which for me is a very big "no, no"!5- The one and only stylish part about this dress could be the colors. Unfortunately, everything else is so detrimentally unappealing that it does not even matter!
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  1. Fascinating, but not perfect. Are you going to write a lot more?

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