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My Fashion Fully Figured In French

Have you ever felt left out? Well this is the way I feel as a consumer of clothing in this country. The designers that we are subjected to in the land of the "red, white, and blue" seem to think that their sole priority is to cater to straight sizes and when it comes to complementing curvaceous women, that is a novel, unheard of concept. So, until recently, this double digit diva, shopping in the straight size world, refused to spend money and more importantly even be seen in the potato sacks that designers are spitting out. Distressed and disheartened this diva decided to do her own discovery and came across many European designers that perfect the plus size shape!Time to unveil my hidden French fashion gems and what makes them sparkle:1- Giani Forte:  French designer complementing sizes 12-30. Exquisite colors in just the right places, unique designs allowing the consumer to change everything from length of the hem to width of the waist in just a pinch of a button.2- Alain Murati: French designer complementing sizes 14-28. A master of camouflage with use of pockets, wings, zippers and more. See what I am talking about here!3- Jean Marc Philippe: complementing sizes 14-30. Uses color and asymmetric patterns to give the consumer a taller sleeker look.4- Lauren Vidal: complementing sizes 10-18. This French label launched their line in "The Big Apple" last year. Known for free flowing, silhouette hugging chic dresses, pants, jackets etc.5- Double Jeu: complementing sizes 8-14. A very unique line that dresses straight sizes just as beautifully as plus sizes. Colorful, young, flirty, fitted high fashion for the everyday girl.To own any of the above designer, go here.
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